I have been recently delivered back to my New York City, beautiful, beloved, and dear city it is. I have never seen, and may never see such complete sadness and abandon as I have on the faces of my friends and family, and those of complete strangers who in the face of such total tragedy offer up a little hint of a smile...a little sign of life. How a person anywhere could feel untouched by such a thing is impossible. Our world has been changed, and our lives have been affected and peace has been put in jeopardy. It's difficult not to feel numb. The people I do not even know who I passed on the street yesterday, at some point looking down the avenue to only smoke. Gaping holes in our lives.

I had just arrived in France when in my hotel, I was told of what had happened in NYC, and then in Washington and Penn. I remember only my hands shaking and the images on the television, so damaging and horrible shaking my stomach into pieces. Why? That was the only sound I could hear. Why?

My prayers and my heart are with everyone in loss. We are all at loss. And my support is with everyone fighting to save lives, and honor peace, and uplift those who cannot. There are a lot of people walking around this city who are lost, shaken, and I am one of them. But this is my city too. It was a city that belonged to everyone who died senselessly in the attacks, and the people who died trying to save those people. These are my neighbors and they are the people I need to take care of. Your neighbors.

So to anyone out there, I say hold on, and hold your friends up and don't stop. Not for anyone. I'm gonna walk down my block and go to the places I always go and call my friends, and live my life and rise above this. RISE ABOVE what others couldn't. These are hard things to communicate, these are dire times, and rock and roll seems silly. The way things that bugged my friends about their lives or this country seem silly now...seem unimportant. Those differences are OURS. Because this where we live. This is where we decide what changes. This is where we find our peace. and somebody messed with that. Took the locks off our doors. They're not gonna take the locks off my heart, and they're not gonna take my friends from me, the ones we have here and now.

May you find some peace, and if you can't pray for it, close your eyes and offer it up to someone else.

Below are some links and numbers of places to contact to help. My guess is your neighborhood is a good place to start. That's where I'm gonna.

My prayers go out to anyone we ever lost to senseless acts of violence.

and Right On to everybody out there giving a damn, and hanging on.


Helpful numbers and links:
Amnesty International

To donate money:
The United Way
Contribute to The September Eleventh Fund to help the victims of the attacks and their families and provide immediate support to established emergency assistance agencies. Call 212-251-4035.

American Red Cross

Salvation Army

Contact Information - Airlines and WTC Businesses:
American Airlines: 1-800-245-0999
United Airlines: 1-800-932-8555
AON Risk Mgmt Corp: 1-866-256-4154
Marsh & McLennan: 1-212-345-6000
Keefe Bruyette and Woods: 1-800-726-0006
Cantor Fitzgerald: 1-866-326-3188
Morgan Stanley: 1-888-883-4391
Fuji Bank: 1-888-537-3845
Carr Futures: 1-800-755-7620
Lee Hecht Harrison: 1-201-782-3704
Thacher, Proffitt, & Wood: 1-800-698-4567
Fiduciary Trust Co: 1-800-632-2350 ext. 22578