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His name is as much a curse for his fans as it no doubt occasionally is for the man himself.

"Really into that Ryan Adams record," you say down your nose in one of your more pompous moments. "You know, the fellow from Whiskeytown?" The unfortunate fact is that too many do not know at all and walk away stunned by your sudden affection for that most evil of all men, Bryan Adams.

It’s a ridiculous conversation and one that has already been had too many times. After this week’s gigs, it will surely take place many times more.

Heartbreaker, Adams’ solo debut, was one of the special finds of last year. Although it follows the standards of Bob Dylan faithfully, Heartbreaker is very much a record of its own time. Certainly much more so than Wilco or even Whiskeytown themselves, both bands who seem to be always wishing they were 20 years older.