What's On
April 28 - May 11, 2020

Ryan Adams

Not to be mistaken for a Canadian rocker misprint, still basking in the rapturous critical acclaim for his Heartbreaker album’s mournful confessionals of murder, depression and loss, the Whiskeytown frontman now brings his Gram/Prine/Hank/Dylan flavoured Americana out on solo tour for what’s sure to prove a night of house full signs.

The set’s likely to be spoiled for choice, for while he’ll be spotlighting the likes of In My Time Of Need, he surely won’t be blind to the opportunity to showcase his band’s own mostly buoyant new album, Pneumonia, which kickstarts the new Nashville-based Lost Highway label that’ll also be releasing Billy Bob Thornton’s debut.

While evoking the aforementioned influences with My Hometown, Ballad of Carol Lynn and Reason To Lie, the album also illustrates the span of Adams’ musical wings, Paper Moon an Hawaiian Patsy Cline croon, Don’t Wanna Know Why doing a lazy jug band shuffle, Crazy About You strutting Petty and Mirror almost Ben Folds Five showtuning. Gig of the month status looms.

- Mike Davies